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A pergola is an outdoor structure consisting of vertical posts supporting horizontal beams or rafters. They can be made of various materials and may be freestanding or attached to a building. Pergolas provide shade, privacy, and a decorative element to outdoor spaces, and can be used for dining, entertaining, or relaxation. They are often decorated with lights and plants to create a cozy atmosphere.

Pergolas come in all sizes. We have build small garden arbors to large commercial structures. They are easily designed to accommodate numerous sizes.

Yes, rain and other weather can come through the top of a pergola because it’s mainly used for shade. But don’t worry, we can add a solid cover on top to stop rain and snow from getting in.

Call us to measure for the best fit. We measure each concrete patio to fit the customer’s needs. Custom shapes are welcomed, and we can accommodate them without any issues.



A pavilion is ideal for maximum protection against weather conditions as it provides 100% coverage from the elements.

Pergolas can generally be attached, but we need to do a site visit first. When it comes to pavilions, it’s a different story. If a customer wants an attached pavilion, we suggest they look for a local contractor to handle the project. Once they find a contractor, we’ll work with them on the plans and installation to ensure the project goes smoothly.

Customers need to verify with their local municipality for any required permits when it comes to pergolas and pavilions. Local regulations differ, and it’s crucial to comply with all permit and zoning laws to ensure that the structure is authorized for use.

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We can help bring your ideas to life within your budget. Let’s talk about your vision, whether it’s a photograph, sketch, or architectural plan.


3D Model

We design a concept according to your vision and use 3-D model drawings so you can see exactly what to expect. Our team then provides you with shop drawings for your structure.



We start building your structure in our shop, where our skilled tradesmen meticulously hand cut, sand, and stain each piece according to our highest standards.



Our experienced crew can install your timber structure with ease. You’ll have the opportunity to watch your vision come to life in just one day. Contact us to schedule your installation.

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Getting a quote is 100% free. 

Not long. Once you have called or submitted the form for a quote, a project manager will call / email you to ask you a couple of quick questions. The main question we need to know is the final size of the pergola or pavilion.

Yes! We consider every pergola and pavilion to be a custom project and can make any size. 

Local permitting for pergolas and pavilions varies from one municipality to the other. Customers should check with their local municipality for any necessary permits. We can supply all needed documentation to you.

Yes, we sell DIY kits for all of our pergolas and pavilions. Please call us to find out more information,